Joseph Kendall Willard and Sarah Wetherbee were married on May 15, 1845

Sarah Wetherbee was born Oct. 24, 1818 and died Feb. 5, 1903. She was the daughter of Josiah Wetherbee (Jun. 28, 1789 - Nov.26.1857) and Hannah (nee Houghton: Apr. 22, 1786 - Aug. 21, 1875)

They had one daughter, Sarah Maria, who married Charles Edmund Sawyer

Joseph and Sarah owned a farm in Harvard at 15 Woodchuck Rd. hich he inherited from his father Joseph Willard (4/14/1784-4/21/1859) after his death in 1859. The original farm, which consisted of 18.28 acres between Woodchuck Hill Rd, Oak Hill Rd and Slough Rd and acreage across Woodchuck Hill Rd (see inventory of the Estate). Tax Inventory.
They farmed 30 - 50 acres and normally had a horse and 3 - 5 cows.

The house in 1900


The house in 1999


Head Stones of Joseph and Sarah Wetherbee Willard
Harvard Center Cemetery

Joe 7 Stone Sarah Stone

JOSEPH KENDALL WILLARD(7) -- Obituary in Turner Public Spirit

Joseph Kendall Willard, one of the oldest citizens of Harvard, passed away after a brief illness at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Charles Sawyer, Wednesday afternoon, at seventy nine years of age. He was a descendent of Simon Willard who emigrated in 1634, became the pioneer of the Willards in this country. This ancestor had nineteen children, one of whom was Henry, who lived in what is now know as the Henry Willard house in Still River. The fifth child of Henry Willard was Joseph, a name which has been retained through five generations. The grandfather of Mr. Willard, now deceased once a revolutionary soldier, built and lived in the house now owned by William Parsons. He left eight sons, the oldest of whom purchased in 1808 of John Farwell, jr., what is now the kitchen of the house in which his only son Joseph Kendall Willard, was born July 21, 1821. His mother was Abigail Beard, a woman of Scotch descent. On May 15, 1845, Mr. Willard married Sarah Wetherbee, who now, together with their daughter, Mrs. Sawyer, and seven, grandchildren survives him.

The funeral was held at the home of Chas. E. Sawyer, Friday afternoon, at 2:30 o.clock. Mr. Willard was for many years a member of the Congregational church and at the time of his death a teacher in the Sunday school. He was a man of excellent character and will be greatly missed.